Online Banking & Bill Pay


EBSCO Federal Credit Union is pleased to offer FREE Online Banking.

ONLINE BANKING // When you bank with EBSCO Federal Credit Union, you’re eligible to participate in online banking. With online banking, managing your finances has never been easier! Online banking allows you to:

  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Check Your Balance
  • Review Checks and Debits Paid
  • View Images of Cleared Checks
  • Download Your Account Information into Microsoft Money, Excel or CSV format

You can enroll yourself by clicking on the below Online Banking picture…


Q: What is Bill Pay?

A: Bill Pay is a service available through Online Banking that allows you to pay bills directly out of your checking account with a few clicks of a button. Once payees are set up in online Bill Pay, you can schedule them to be paid one time or as a recurring payment.

Q: Why is Bill Pay beneficial?

A: Bill Pay offers several benefits:

Flexibility – You can access Bill Pay 24/7 to schedule your
payments in advance.

Convenience – You can pay your bills from anywhere you have Internet access.

Save money – You don’t have to buy envelopes, stamps or
make special trips to mail your bills.

Peace of Mind – You can schedule your Bill Pay Payment the
minute you get your bill and know it will be sent to the payee
on time.

Save time – Schedule recurring payments (i.e. mortgage
payments, cable bills, phone bills etc.). You only need to enter a payee’s address and billing information once.

Contact Info // The Credit Union office is located in EBSCO's International Headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama.

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